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Community Room Acupuncture Treatments

Initial Community Acupuncture Treatment
PLEASE READ ALL OF BELOW: SIgn up for this treatment if you have NEVER been to Meeting Point before. If you have access to the internet, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to and click on "Initial Visit" on top of home page. It will take you to a link that you click on and fill out our initial paperwork online. Please be at your appointment 5 Minutes Early if have paperwork filled out and 20 minutes if you still need to fill out the paperwork. Please wear a mask and loose clothing!
The initial treatment in the Community Room is on a sliding scale of $20-$50 with an additional $15 fee for the initial intake. You pay what you can afford in that range.
Follow up Community Acupuncture Treatment
1. Show up a few minutes early for your scheduled appointment time.
2. Please wear a mask over nose and mouth at all times!
3. Wear loose clothing that can be pushed up over elbows and knees.

Looking forward to treating you!

Private Room Treatments

1 Hour Reflexology and/or Reiki Massage - $55
Book an hour with Nicole and you can decide with her how much time you would like to spend doing Reflexology and how much time you would like to do Reiki. She also offers crystal healing within this hour appointment.
30 min Reflexology or Reiki massage - $35
Your choice of a half hour of Reflexology or Reiki massage
New Patient Chiropractic Adjustment - $95
New Patient Chiropractic Adjustment-45 minutes
A follow up nutritional testing appointment and Xray review (if X-Rays are deemed necessary by Dr. Reed) are included in this fee.
Follow up Chiropractic Adjustment - $60
Follow up Chiropractic Adjustment-30 minutes
Follow up Chiropractic Adjustment and 30 min Massage Combo - $105
Follow up Chiropractic Adjustment and 30 min Massage Combo
90 min Reflexology and/or Reiki Massage - $75
Choose how much time of the 90 minutes you would like to spend on Reflexology and Reiki. Nicole will also include crystal healing within the 90 min session.
Chiropractic-New Patient Report of Findings - $0
2nd Chiropractic visit with recommendations for care
X-Ray Review - $40
Review of x-rays
Nutritional Consult and Recommendations - $75
Consultation with Dr. Reed which includes nutritional evaluation, current supplements and medications review followed by recommendations for your health program.
Follow-up Nutritional Consult and Recommendations - $40
Follow-up nutritional consult with Dr. Reed.
Energy Healing Session - $125
We will be balancing the chakras with an application of essential oils to your spine precious gemstones aligned with your 7 chakras. You will receive 10 minutes of a reflexology treatment to your feet along with essential oils. The session ends with 10 minutes of quiet time for you to integrate the healing. Fully clothed or not-your choice. The massage table has a heated pas to keep you toasty and comfortable. Please limit the use of caffeine or stimulants 3 hours prior to your session.
Re-Exam with Dr Reed - $35
Periodic re-exam and re-evaluation with Dr Reed.

Virtual Consultations

Zoom call with Dr. Reed-20 minutes - $25
Need to check in with Dr. Reed? Need help with home care ideas? No need to come in, we can do it via Zoom!
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